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My continuing quest to heal the cough!

Originally Posted by NancyH
I've never tried nyquil and lots of people swear by it, let me know how it works, at least you have the prescription in case it doesn't do it for you. I know with the codiene, I don't wake up til morning and I'm one of these people who wake up several times a night anyway. Sometimes I take it even if I have no cold etc just to get a good nights sleep.
Nancy thanks for answering.
I tried to Nyquil two nights in a row. It does work. I wake up once...but that is okay. I cough alittle, and then go back to sleep. I like that it puts you right to sleep. I also "slept in" with it today till 10:30. This is also good as I am off work this week to get better.
I guess the codeine sounded strong. I think it is better to use something that isn't as strong if it works? You agree?
So I also slept this afternoon, for the first time. I want to rest. coughing so much has made me not be able to relax. Now with the nyquil I think it dried me out alittle of the I could rest and them fall asleep. I think it takes so many different tries of things. I have taken a chinese medicine since Saturday called Yin Chiao....and them another herb for respiratory...fenurgreek
I am going to get more lemon for hot lemon and honey. That soothes, too.
Are you feeling good these days, I hope?

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