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Re: My continuing quest to heal the cough!

Originally Posted by NancyH
So what is in Nyquil anyway? I've no problem trying it the next time just never gave it a thought, once went to Dr with a respiratory infection and that is what he gave me and I've stuck with it ever since, but if OTC has something to offer I'll try. Does it give you heart palpatations or anything? I have mitral valve prolapse and am susceptable to heart fluttering etc so I get freaky of it. Camomile tea has always calmed me and I take Bija healing teas"cerified organic" made in British Columbia Canada. Do be careful mixing OTC and herbs but you probably know to watch out for that. I'm getting over this virus I think, then again I'm fine for a couple days and then it comes back so who knows, it has not made me sick enough to stay in bed or indoors, just chest irritation. OH PS... does nyquil make you drowsy if taken during the day or do they have night time stuff?
Hi again, Nancy, nyquil has a cough suppressant and antihistimine both in it. It definitely puts me to sleep. I would only use it at night. It cost like $5.00, I think. How much is the codeine cough syrup? Did you notice you coughed less from the codeine during the day...even though you took it at night?
I also happen to be drinking the same tea brand as you! I had never heard of it. The health food store lady suggested I try it. I am drinking Bija Cold Stop.
Which one are you drinking?
I also bought organic lemons to make lemon and honey tea tomorrow. I got a broth that has vegetable and garlic in it.
And then a home made chicken soup that was in the deli section. They make their soups daily. This was on sale tonight, probably because so many people are getting sick!!!
p.s. the nyquil cough syrup didn't do any kind of heart palpitation type of thing. I have anxiety disorder and would be very aware of this.
some of the cold medicines OTC make me jittery. Not the nyquil. It is sedating....

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