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Red face Pinched Nerve Madness !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi. Im a Canadian female from hamilton ontario.This is my first time being on this message board and might I say its very informational.Now,,the problem Im having is a pincehd nerve. I went to the hospital because my doc was not availble and I needed to know what the heck was going on. I have depression as well and this situation has put me in a more depressed state and have a hard time monitering my moods because of my pinched nerve. I think Id be alot happier without it with ovious reasons being that I feel like a 80 yr old woman when I gt out of bed in the morning and Im onley 25. I dont know how I did this at all. Could be that sitting at the computer day in and day out with out the proper support was the reason of all now I have just started pyso and that was 2 days ago. Im not having good hopes of it but also need lots of reasurance that its gonna turn out good in the end because I cant stand the pain. I dont take anything either becasue Im a recovering addict and taking that many extra strenth tynols proberly would not do wonders for my body. (as directed even) So I dont really know if the internet has screwed up my back , i have not yet ruled that out as the suspect but I think it could have to do with the 3 injurys Ive had on my back as a result of my clumseyness.When i was 12 i slid down the stairs on every step with my tailbone,second time was the same thing at 23 ( both accidental) 3rd was (24)high on marijuana and me wanting to know whats its like to ride down an escalator rail.LOL (ok ,it was funny as soon as i whiped my tears) Yup, never cared about the consecuences of my actions when I was abusing drugs.I acually flew in the air and on to the ground on my arse.I also never got checked out because since I was abusing drugs and drugs were abusing me I never cared enough about myself to go get checked.So I have been soaber from drugs and alochol for a full year and 2 months and getting my mental heath taken care of and getting my back checked and pyso.My doc said it was not nessassary to get an xray or scan of my back wich fustrates me and I dont think hes taking me seriousley so I have no idea how to handle this at home either. How should I sit, sleep , pick up things ( i know , bend with my knees ) but that hurts too and it takes me 2 hours just to pick up something or even wash my hands and face inthe sink in the morning. I know I should ask my pyso person what i should do but does anyone have any good remidies I can do at home.The pain also shoots down my leg. My pincehd nerve is in my lower half of my right buttcheek and shooting though my tail bone down my right leg. Im also wondering if there is someoene that has been in a simler situation that has went fully though pyso and has it worked for you. once again , i need reassurance and ifo on what I should do . And for the record im sitting in frount of my computer with a comfortable chair and support. I go to pyso 3 times a week and they said this madness should be all over in 6- 8 weeks. Thanls for your time and please reply Sandra

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