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Greetings to our frozen and swollen neighbor to the north !!!

Well ~ I've got some "good news/bad news" for ya...

I suffered with uncured prostatitis for over 6 years... Then, it exacerbated into a rotation of UTI's for my wife - and ignoramus doctors saying there was no way we were spreading the germs back and forth... They were blatantly WRONG.

Despite the relative length of the male urethra, germs can and do occassionally get shoved up to the prostate. Naturally occurring organisms in both the vagina AND rectum can cause prostate infection...

We, in the U S of A have this wonderful concoction called "HMO's" or Health Maintenance Organizations. While they were promoted by insurance companies who priced malpractice coverage out of the ballpark for private physicians, they lobbied Congress to allow THEM the privilege of being beyond legal action !!!

So... When I got diagnosed, the HMO insisted that I go on the cheapest possible pharmaceutical anti-biotic ~ rather than do costly testing (to know which bacteria or "flora" might be causing the problem AND which antibiotics might actually WORK against my own cultured strains)...

The result has been almost 7 years of suffering for my wife and myself.

Just recently, I decided to "take the bull by the horns" ~ and now (even though they still will not pay for diagnostic testing, yet) ~ at least I got to see a qualified Urologist. He agreed with everything I said. With my background of using Bactrim so often that I developed anaphylactic shock over it AND Cipro "wigged me out" AND I'm allergic to Penicillin ~ the Urologist prescribed a 6 week course of a great pill (Levaquin) to offset the over 6 years of the seated infection (you see, the prostrate swells, cutting its own blood flow ability to fight infections, well)...

Well... Levaquin cost$ a hefty $12 per pill. So, the HMO has refused to honor the prescription for almost 2 weeks !!!

After filing every form of protest possible, I've been told that the prescription should be made available to me, today !!!

That's how it works in the U S of A...

Sucks, huh !!!

Meanwhile, the Urologist heartilly recommended condom use, just about ALWAYS !!!

Good Luck, and Merry Christmas !!!

~ Arch Michael

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