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Re: Pinched Nerve Madness !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Sandra: I have relatives in Canada. We used to go to Montreal all the time when I was a child.

I thought people who smoked marijuana tended to sit at home and get "the munchies". I am very sorry to hear about your addiction problems and yes, it sounds like you've done some "wild and crazy" things. You are not the first person to do things "under the influence" that were not in your best interest. Just move ahead with your life, be aware (forever) that you have an addictive personality. From what you are saying, any type of mood altering substance, for you, could possibly cause addiction. Never believe you can handle any mood altering substance. From what you said in your post, you just can't do any types of these substances. There are ways to "get high on life", but they take more work than reaching for a mood altering substance. However, you will have a much greater feeling of overcoming obsticles by doing the right thing rather than the easy thing which is succumbing to the addictive cycle.

It sounds like you have sciatica; however, your lumbar spine has two large nerves in it that operate your legs. All of these nerves are braided, thus, it can be difficult for a doctor to find the exact nerve that is pinched. Thus, the doctors run the x-rays to check your spine. If you are in the pain you are and it takes 2 hours to pick something up, this is a red flag that you have a real problem somewhere. Docs tend to dismiss young people who complain of back pain. I've seen this before. There is a type of physical therapy called "McKenzie Physical therapy" that may possibly help you; however, from what I remember (it has been 10 years now), you cannot have pain below the knee to do these exericises. You need a proper diagnosis as to what is going on in your spine prior to any physcial therapy. The wrong moves could herniate a bulged disk. You must tell either your doctor or physical therapist about what you are going through! This is very important and you are going to have to nag and nag and nag them to deal with whatever is going on! (I really hate it when doctors don't believe people!!!!!) I do know of one exercise that you could try to help severe pain of the lumbar spine. Lay flat on your back on the floor, preferably on a mat. Put your knees up with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly, straight out one leg and while you are straightening out the one leg, try to bring your other knee to your chest. Do the same with the other leg. Do this very, very slowly and gently. Do not pull hard on your knee that you bring to your chest and do not do any type of a tugging type motion on that knee. This is supposed to help settle down severe pain for a little while. I have found if my left leg hurts, bring that leg to a knee bent position and straighten out the right leg. Just lay there like that. I can actually feel the spinal disk move (soft tissue) off the left leg and it will move to the center and to the right leg. Then, at least, the one nerve that is being pinched is getting a little relief, at least for a little while. You must realize, I have had many MRI's and x-rays. The docs know what is going on in my back. Unfortunately, without xrays no one knows what is going on in your back and that issue must be dealt with soon! This is why you must proceed with caution. Also, strengthening your stomach muscles helps the back. Walking is great for the low back. But you must contact your doc or physo asap! When you drive the car or sit, put a lumbar roll (or a rolled up towel) in the curve of your lumbar spine. This helps keep the vertebre apart, should you have a spinal disk giving you trouble. (That is usually what causes a pinched nerve or it could be a spased muscle pinching a nerve.) Also, try some anti-inflammatories (Motrin, Alleve, etc., which are non-addictive). It often takes these drugs 2 weeks to really begin to notice the inflammation get less. Take care and good luck in all things, Patmg