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Re: panic attacks developing to phobia's!

Originally Posted by lori j
I'm not sure what the effedra would do to you, best to ask a pharmacist or doctor, but I would suggest that you find a doctor, not a family doctor, but a psychiatrist who is more specialized in meds for panic attacks. You may have not been able to tolerate the lexapro that you were taking. I had very bad reactions to lexapro & also effexor, but have had success with 2 other AD's. I also have been recently started on Klonopin for panic & it works really well. I realized that my family doc had no clue, was throwing samples at me & I thought he was going to kill me I had such bad reactions to the ones he gave me. I finally made an appointment with a p-doc & he prescribed for me considering which one I had been on that worked for 6 years, and this new one is working great with none of the horrible side effects.
And, yes many of the things that happen in a panic attack can turn into a phobia or an obsession.
Thank you for responding! Tomorrow I will schedule my first appointment with a p-doc. Hopefully this will work. I don't know if I will have the courage to take meds. Even if it is prescribed from the p-doc. Hopefully, the p-doc will find other ways for me to get better!

I also had one other question. Do people get really tired/exhausted after a panice attack. Or even when not having a panic attack. I think I did ask this in my last message. I just get tired of being tired/exhausted all the time.
Again thank you!

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