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Re: Good laminectomy outcomes wanted (really, all experiences)

Larry--First of all, my best wishes to you for your upcoming surgery. Force be with you in all ways for an excellent outcome.

As for me, no disco yet (although, as you know, the marching band for DDD U is practicing for the half-time show*) I think I'd wait until surgery was a definite before I'd commit to doing that dance! As you know, like everything else, it is also not without controversy.

You have enough on your mind, no doubt, but I'm wondering if the nature of one's pain suggests anything about its origin. For example, I'm imagining (although could well be wrong) that pain that originated specifically from a disintegrating/torn disk would be relatively chronic, as opposed to pain which was clearly "positional"--either totally there or totally not there--and thus suggestive of a "pinch" related to certain moves, postures, etc.. Make any sense?

In any event, again best.


*For anyone who doesn't understand the reference and is curious, see the post-idet thread started by Tennisnut.

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