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Knee Injury - Need Some Help

I have a nagging knee injury that was recently re-aggrivated *again*. I've visited 2 orthopedic docs about it in the past year but I'm not convinced that either diagnosis is complete. I have no lateral pain and the knee doesn't hurt when my leg/ankle is pulled (you all know the drill, I'm sure). However, when placing weight on leg with the bad knee and then trying to bend with weight on it, the pain is quite excrutiating. Kneeling on two knees isn't too bad because my other leg picks up the slack, but any kind of pressure on the knee as it's bent or bending is quite painful. The pain is confined to the top of the knee generally around the kneecap area. It is sharp when the knee is under stress, and a dull throbbing ache when at rest. Pressing on the kneecap at edges also causes a great deal of pain.

One of the docs took xrays and a MRI. The MRI said there was a little fluid buildup in there and the beginning stages of arthritis. He suggested PT but I never went. Partly because I wasn't convinced of his theory - he said that some of the muscles holding things in place needed to be strengthened. Call me bull-headed, but I can parallel squat 400+ pounds at the gym, and I'm not convinced my knee muscles are weak. Also, shortly after the appointment the knee felt fine - no pain at all. A week ago, however, the knee started acting up again, and two days ago I tweaked it playing Volleyball. Now the pain is as bad as it's ever been and it's moved to the side of the knee as well.

Has anyone experienced this type of injury before? If so, what were the successful treatments? I believe self-diagnosis can certainly be a bad thing, but there are plenty of poor OS's out there and second, third, and fourth opinions are always good! Thanks!

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