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Re: Knee Injury - Need Some Help

If it is arthritis, you need a good anti-inflammatory medicine. Ibuprofen, celebrex, and vioxx are the most common ones prescribed by doctors. All of them are dangerous to the health of your stomach. They have other side affect also. You may be interested in trying a herb that is a good anti-inflammatory. There are 3 that you could try and probably others. I have ostioarthritis in my knees and more than 2 years ago I walked with a limp, because of the pain. Now I walk perfectly okay and have been doing so for over 2 years. I take a herb named turmeric, standardized to 95% curcumin. You need to take at least 1200 milligrams of curcumin (the anti-inflammatory ingrediant) per day in divided doses. This can get expensive at most places you can buy it. The cheapest palace I found in Vitaminshoppes, and I do not have any relationship with them. They sell a house brand with 300 capsules for about $33. That works out to a little more than $.50 a day for 5 capsules. If you have any gall bladder trouble this is not for you. You should start out at maybe 2 capsules per day for a week and work up from there to the full dose, to ensure it won't cause you problems. The problem it could cause is diarierre.

There are 2 more that are recommended. They are Devil's Claw and Feverfew. I have not tried them because turmeric works well for me.