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More than 10 years = too late

I have smoked since I was 17, and I turned 33 in November.
Recently I went to the doctor because of a cold, and he could
tell that I am a smoker when he listened to my lungs.
I told him my smoking history and asked him about quitting methods.
I also asked him about long-term benefits in regards to quitting.
He said that for the heart quitting is great, and that a few years after
quitting the cardiovascular system can be in great shape (with exercise
and proper diet as well).
But he also said that people who smoke 10 years or more
will almost always develop lung or throat cancer. He also said that
the same people will develop emphasema (sp?) later in life. I told
him not to sugercoat anything in regards to me. He said given the
length of my time smoking and my "intake" (1 1/2 packs a day now)
he said that I have about an 80% chance of having lung cancer by
age 40, and 100% by age 45.

I have been wanting to quit for quite some time, but now I don't know
if its even worth bothering. Mabye I will take my chances
cardiovascularly and just wait for the cancer to hit.
Any other opinions on this? Does anyone know about survival
rates with lung or throat cancer? I don't think its very good.


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