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Re: Pituitary Adenoma

Originally Posted by redmapletree
I am cross-posting this here as well as on the Thyroid board.

I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago as being hypothyroid.

A very small amount of synthroid (.75) worked to keep my level at 1.7 and I was feeling great. Continued to get my levels checked every three months through my family doctor. Didn't see an endo because we were able to get it under control so easily.

A little over three months ago I started noticing some physical changes that I'm too old for! Increased breast size and lactation (I've had my kids and there is no way I'm pregnant). I went to my GYN and she orderd a prolactin test and an MRI.

The MRI shows a 2mm pituitary adenoma. I understand that it is very small and that most pitiutary adenomas are prolactin secreting (mine is not) and non-cancerous.

At the same time the prolactin test was done a T4 was done and my TSH was up to 14. She sent me to an endo the next week. He increased my synthroid to 1.

I went back last week to have it checked again and it is now at 29.551 and the synthroid has been increased to 1.5.

Any ideas on how common a TSH secreting pitiutary adenoma is? What questions should I be asking my doctor.

Thanks, Sharon
Hi Sharon,

I have been diagnosed with a 2mm microadenoma on my pitituary gland too. The doctors told me not to worry about it unless I start lactating - then it would have to be removed. It sounds like yours is at that stage. Are you really fatigued with it? Be your own advocte and do some research to take with you to the doctor. If it were me, I would want it removed so your symptoms will disappear and you can function normally again. I'm just waiting to lactate, which will be my signal to get it removed.