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You won't like this. I was on Minocycline 200mg a day for around 7 months. After a month it started to work. But, I'd try to take it every other day and it would come back so I was addicted to it lol. So, anyway, I started to notice that I had bruises all over my legs (small ones adn one really big one) I didn't remember what I bumped into but whatever. Then, it never went away. Actually, it's still on my leg. It's not anything that bad. but I have to get it laser removed. Anyway, my derm took me off mino. And, not only did my acne come right back, but I broke out soooo many bumps on my forehead and on my back and neck. Funny, because I didn't break out there before? But, while I was on it.. it was so sweet...good luck