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Re: depressed and lonely

Originally Posted by prsurf
ok well i'm in my late teens and well i'm lonely and depressed because i never had a real relationship, i have had sex with a girl s but they were just friends that turned into a fling because of drunken stupidness but i really want to be in a relationship but i'm really shy and i go to clubs with my friends but i cant just go grind with a girl i dont even know. i always fall for friends but then the girls will always say we are better off as friends. i mean i get told i'm cute so its not like i'm a troll. i also am a caring person who is always there for my friends and stuff and i'm funny so i just dont know what my problem is
I can see myself entering that situation if I don't make a right decision in the next couple of weeks. I hate when you know that you are a good person, but somebody fails to see that. For me, I never want to talk about myself; I'm always interested in what the girl's life is like, but then she won't know what I'm like, and then that's when I get the "I like you better as a friend" response.

So next time your in a conversation with somebody who you are considering as a relationship, don't be afraid to let her know who you are.