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mesothelioma and sweats #2

Hi everyone,
This is my second try to get information on the intense full body sweats that my father is experiencing with his mesothelioma (cancer of lung lining due to asbestos exposure). They seem to come in cycles. He will go for a several days or a week without any, and then, he starts feeling badly again and they come again. He says that he can feel the sweats starting up and he can feel it when it starts to subside. They are full body, drenching sweats that require him to change his clothing. He feels so terrible when they are happening. Then, when it subsides, he begins to come out of it and feel a bit better until the next time. They leave him weak and just "drained". Other than these sweats, he feels fairly well, considering. His oncologist says that sweats are not really common to mesothelioma - that they are more releated to lymphomas.

Could anyone respond if you or a family member has experienced this problem and how it was handled. It is very troublesome to him and the worst symptom that he is experiencing. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much,

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