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As long as you can rule out any serious medical condition, I suggest you think about Cayenne. Those hot chili peppers used in seasoning are very misunderstood and happen to be one of the best natural medicines! If you are in need of energy, you don't want to take something that's going to exhaust your adrenals and give you that "let down" feeling after a while. Cayenne gives a boost of energy, mainly by getting the blood circulating. Many herbalists say cayenne is the most powerful natural stimulant known and it also doesn't have the side effects associated with other stimulants. We've come to believe that all spicy foods cause indigestion. That's not a complete truth. The burning sensation caused by cayenne pepper is not as real as it seems. This feeling is only the nerves reacting to the cayenne and nothing more. Cayenne is now being shown to be a benefit to many digestive disorders as well as general circulation, the immune system, and mental function. Cayenne is now one of the most popular herbs and comes in capsule form. It's made a big difference in my quality of life, including help with my depression! Many people feel a false sense of heartburn when starting with cayenne but that goes away in a week or two. I suggest doing some research on the medicinal beneits of cayenne. You will be amazed. ..... P.S. As with anything, there's still a possibility of a reaction with some prescription medications.