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Re: Need energy

Girlygirly, I have had my thyroid tested many times, as we suspected the same thing, but all tests are normal. The only tests that are abnormal are my progesterone, which runs fairly high when off BCP and iron levels, which are slightly low and are fine with taking iron pills 2x a day. We believe the problem with my progesterone is what increases my panic attacks. Since my iron levels are back to normal with the pills I wouldn't think that would still be causing such low energy levels.

Happydieter, do you know if that's safe to take with Paxil and where can I get it? Seeing as the Paxil decreases my sexualy ability, I could be helping two problems.

Leanea, I use to exercise on a daily basis until I started feeling so worn out I couldn't do it anymore. I was in the military when my problems started, so I was still required to exercise occassionally. Now I still try to run at least 3x a week and I try to do in house exercises everynight.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I really appreciate the help you all are offering. You all are GREAT! Take care!