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Originally Posted by Leanea
Excersice might help increase your enegy levels. Also getting enough rest helps a lot. Massage is great for circulation, energy and takes away stress. I highly recommend it. Scrubbing once a week with a loofah is like a massage for your skin and helps circulation. I don't know if you need supplements, but you should get a blood test to find out if you are deficient in anything because it may be you need more iron or a B vitamin or something else (but those two are common problems for women). Also women often don't get enough calcium. A test might help you find out the reason for your low energy. It could be so many things that you can't just make a guess. I hope this helps.
I take Vitamin E, CQ10, L-Carnitine, Acetyl L-Carnitine. These all seem to give me more energy. Don't take more than 400-800 IU's (I take only 400) of Vitamin E, preferably in the morning so it does not affect your sleep at night. Same with the other 3. Hope this helps. Also, buy a cheap mini-trampoline from a sporting goods store (not the $300-500 ones) and jump on it for a few minutes in the morning to get your blood flowing through your veins. I jump on it every morning and I swear by it. The actual idea behind it is called "Rebounding". Do a google search on that word and see what you get. Peace! Dave