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Re: Why don't all doctors prescribe Armour?

Why it isn't prescribed as often is due to $$$$$$$. The patent on Armour has long ago expired. It has been around for over 100 years. It is tried and true, but there is no $$$$ in it. So the makers of Synthroid ( and other drugs not to pick on Synthroid entirelly)are giving the doctors thier totally biased "research" and info in why Synthroid is "better" and bad-mouthing Armour. Many doctors learn from the drug companies as they don't have the time to look up and research every disease and drug anymore. The drug companies also give doctors great perks, like trips, dinners, gifts,etc...I was sitting in my GP's office (in the examining room) for about 15 minutes and 2 drug reps came into see him. I just got my new prescription drug plan and the only choices for Thyroid Replacement were Unithroid and (surprise,surprise) Synthroid. Tell me they haven't infiltrated this insurance company.

Armour is the drug that many holistic healers prescribe. Doctors that are truly informed will also let their patients have Armour. Many Endos still believe that Synthroid is "superior", at least that was my experience. 2 out of 2 thought Armour was "dangerous".