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Re: Why don't all doctors prescribe Armour?

Originally Posted by CheriPatrice
Although I've been posting here a while, I never have enough time to read all the information that gets circulated. For that reason, I'm just wondering why it seems you have to "find" a doctor who prescribes Armour. Is it not FDA approved or something? I often see many of you praising it, and frankly, I'm interested in trying it myself if it is the best for treating Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I have never asked my doc about it, but wanted to arm myself with some info so that I can tell if he's giving me the run around.

I'm on .88 synthroid, and feeling pretty tired and sometimes I get in a really down mood--not slit your wrist depressed or anything, but just bummed about life, etc. etc. My skin is very dry and I have major brain fog, difficulty concentrating, can't remember jack anymore. I also have intermittent muscle aches and joint pain in my upper/mid spine. I'm waiting for my labs from last Thursday to be sent to my doctor, and then I'll post them.

I'm just confused if Armour is so great, why is it so hard to convince doctors to give it to us? By the way, is it a matter of convincing them to prescribe it or are only some doctors "able" to prescribe it? Will my regular pharmacy carry it?

Sorry for all the questions. Hope y'all can help!

Thanks, Cheri
Change your doctor if you don't find results. also, if you have a primary care physician they can also monitor your levels. Just like any kind of hypo medication it has to be monitored ,but i agree to be taking the real deal t3 and t4 if thats what were lacking.. Most doctors go by what the lab results say and not pay attention to the signs of the patient. I finally got off synthroid because i just thought it was way to too common for doctors to give it out. Also, everyone reacts differently to meds so you have to try them. Before i found out i was hypo, my skin and hair was very dry also, and i was losing body hair. The doc actually diagnosed me 5yrs ago, and started me on Levoxyl. I saw an immediate change then later on changed to synthroid because it was name brand(big mistake). Been on armour for 4 months and still monitoring it. keep searching and good luck.