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Re: please....i want some info on accutaine

After one month on accutane here is what i have experianced so far. The past 2 days have been bad, i have severe drying around my elbows and back of the neck. (I think the drying is because i have not drank alot of water like the derm said, but now i am drinking close to a gallon a day, which i hope helps.) But i can already see the difference in my face and back, it looks atleast 25% better, i dont know if all people get better in the first month (maybe i will start breaking out ?) I have not had a bloody nose but my bugers have been bloody since the 3rd day on accutane, and i seem to be getting more bugers, guess it is just dried up blood in the nose. Lips and face fell good because i keep them mostirized. Anyways i thought i would post for anyone wanting to know about accutane i guess.