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Re: Decide to go on Accutane for the 3rd time

Originally Posted by Hoxy
I tried everything else, BP, BHA, no help at all!!! So I've decided to do Accutane again, that is if my derm give it to me. I hope the 3rd time the a charm
I actually just started my third course of accutane. The first course really helped my skin a lot but i never completely got rid of the acne. I have very fair skin so I have a lot of red marks to deal with which is really frustrating. After trying a lot of things, including spiro, nothing was getting rid of the acne so I asked my derm to put me back on accutane. He didn't hesitate giving it to me again, but just wondered why i wanted to put myself through the treatment again. I think that Accutane is a temporary solution and it works differently for everyone and if you have had good results from it in the past then it may work for you again. It would be great if we could all find something else that works, but it takes a lot of time and patience to try other things.
good luck!