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Re: please....i want some info on accutaine

Originally Posted by annonymousgirl
give me some info. on accutaine!?!?! I mean, tell me about your experiences, has it worked? has it been awful?? what are the side effects??
I've been on accutane twice and am currently doing a third treatment. I started out with really bad acne so when I went to the derm he didn't hesitate and prescribed me accutane on the spot. It really helped clear my skin and make my acne easier to deal with however, i was never acne-free. I've also tried a lot of other medications, but nothing has really helped me. Accutane did help me a lot, but it wasn't a cure for me. I'm hoping that another treatment will help me. As for the side effects, I never really had any that were unmanagable. I have really oily skin so accutane made my skin normal for once, which I thought was great, but it also gave me painfully, dry lips. Keep in mind that all side effects are only temporary and are different for everyone.

If your debating trying accutane than I would say talk to your derm to determine just how bad your acne is, but i say go for long as you're careful and take it properly, i think it's worth dealing with the side-effects during the treatment if it can give you better results than when you started.