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shock value vs. reality

I was listening to the radio the other day, and they were talking about this new television program that’s going to be on about lesbians. It’s going to be on HBO or Showtime and will be graphic. People will be watching it out of curiosity because it’s supposed to be pushing the boundaries of television. Whatever.

I’m wondering if people are tired of hearing about gays and lesbians? I’m not making a judgment call here, but it’s almost like overkill. People are free to watch whatever they want and live their lives however they want, but it’s like all you hear about now is the Britney & Madonna kiss, “Will & Grace”, “***** Eye”, gay marriage and what the presidential candidates think of it. It goes on and on. What if Sting and Enrique kissed on national television? Would it be shown 10 times a day on the news like Britney & Madonna?

I’ve never even seen “***** Eye” and I’ve seen “Will & Grace” probably less than 10 times. People talk about these shows and how much they love them, and those gay people or actors playing gay people are so funny. But those same people loving these shows are gay bashing the next day. It’s like they were provided with the entertainment, but when it’s real life it’s another story. It’s obvious hypocrisy.

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