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Re: first date..etc

jus talk to her freely and play it 'cool'. theres nothing really to be worried about, jus ask her is she with someone while in a convosation.
if she is, then what can you do!! if she isnt, then be nice to her and your in!
after a while ask her out on a date. if she says yes...
if she says no, a well, plenty more fish in the sea,

anyway...back to if she says yes.

what i would do is take her to the cinema 1st, then for a bite to eat.
well it seems your not old enough to drink so thats what id do!

be nice to her for the evening, then after that, ye both either like or dislike eachother!

thats what id do anyway. i dunno about other people. my ways seme to work, iv been with my girlfriend now for about 6 months, everything is brilliant, so best of luck and hope it goes good for you.