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Re: shock value vs. reality

I have mixed emotions about this sudden surge in homosexual programming that's come about most strongly in the past year. Part of me says that it's helping to open people's minds to gays and lesbians, and that's great. But another part of me sees the people that you refer to; the ones that only watch for entertainment, and i can see that the shows can be hurting views of homosexuals more than helping.

I think it could mostly just be confusion in the eyes of the people of the U.S. Given the fact that the U.S. is mostly based on Christian ideals, it's no wonder people are so curious about homosexuality. It's been a near 'taboo' subject for far too long, and its time that changed. Hopefully the programming will encourage positive views of homosexuals, making the subject not so controversial and taboo anymore. Then finally people will shut up and not freak out when they see two people of the same sex sharing affection.

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