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after orgasm..

after the first time, is it normal for the erection not to be as stable and as rock hard for the second time? i know guys have to wait for a bit before starting again after reaching an orgasm, i tried waiting for about 2 hours and when i started again, it could get hard and all that, then when it got in (with a condom), it went soft, the hole wasnt very wet, so i had to 'saliva' it a bit, then i took off the condom and got in, and started the game. but it was only a little erected, in fact quite soft, and only after a lot of shaking and mental stimulation the hardness came back, is it because i wasnt aroused enough?? or was it too dry??

there was also another time that during the second round, after about 30 mins (or longer), the erection soften and i had to get it out to rub it hard to get in again, then it was only a little erected inside, then i had to slowly shake it to gain back the stiffness.

is there anything wrong with this?? any of u experienced this before??

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