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Re: shock value vs. reality

Surrealmeal, that’s what I was getting at about the mixed emotions. A lot of it has to do with me being a media hound, so it seems almost like a bombardment of it on a daily basis. One time on the “Roseanne” show a woman kissed her, and you heard about it two weeks before and two weeks after! That was maybe 10 years ago.

It’s just that these current characters are the “funny gay neighbor” much like the “funny black neighbor” which was common on television in the 70’s and is still very prevalent. And it’s like the gay person is the stereotype: the Ellen character not very feminine, or Jack on “Will and Grace” isn’t too manly acting. If it were real life sure that exists, but you could also have the feminine lesbian that’s say a hairdresser, or the masculine gay man that’s maybe a carpenter.

Jamie, those are really interesting questions, but being hetero, no I never even thought about ads and how the two people are 100% of the time opposite sex people. And the news will interview the straight couples and ask their opinions on various topics. It’s mainly a white/straight world, and that’s what advertisers play to, even though all kinds of people are obviously buying their products.

You rarely see two black people in the sofa bed ad, never mind two same sex people! I have to admit that if I see an interracial couple they’ll catch my eye and I’ll look for a second. It’s because it’s not something I see all the time. I remember seeing the interracial couple on “the Jeffersons”, but again, they were the “funny interracial neighbors” and not real life.

The same is true about same sex couples out it public; people are going to look because unless you live in say San Francisco or Provincetown, it’s just not something you see all the time.