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Re: Hemiplegic Migraines

Originally Posted by Budko
Does anyone out there have Hemiplegic Migraines? All my symptoms are alot like MS, but there is no proof. I get the feeling that my Doctors are telling me this because they themselves have no clue as to what is happening. It started off with a Droppy Eyelid, then severe headaches, ear aches with loss of hearing, toothpain w/ 2 teeth loose (they have no clue why), numb and droopy left side of face with severe pain, Eyes - are really bad, I have double vision, ptosis, left eye looks black and almost dead, loss of vision sometimes and my RX has chaged 3 times this year along with Retinal holes, My left arm and leg are numb and tingly all the time, I am now an owner of tingly Heels. Since my last headace I am experiencing tingling in the right leg and arm, My skin feels like it is burnt, there is facial pain and pain in left arm that is hard to explain (pain in between bones and skin ???)

I am on 2400mg Neurontin and 150 mg of Demeral. There is little info on just Hemiplegic Migraines. I would like to talk to someone that is experiencing what I am or someone that has been disgnosed with Hemiplegic Migraines.

Has anyone tried the vitamin Migrahealth?

Thank you in advance
you wrote it started with Droppy Eyelid. I do not have the headaches, but I had a droppy eyelids. The doctor send me for a surgery. I didn't feel like to go, so I cancelled the surgery. Took some time, I started to loose hair, and other things went wrong. So finaly he send me for a blood test for thyroids. My reading was 166, normal is something like 5+. They diagnosed me that I am hypothyroid. Looks like your whole immune system is colapsing. Did they check your THS? If not, rush to have it done. It is a simple blood test. Yo can die if not taking care of it. I am taking Syntroid which is a thyroid hormone, about $3 for 100 pills and for many years now I am perfect.
Good Luck Marie