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Re: cantaloupes, can it cause pimples (been eating this a lot)

Originally Posted by orange
Any correlation between this and pimples? This seems to be like my new favorite fruit to eat while i'm bored so i tend to go overboard on this fruit. Just curious if there anything i should know about this and if theres any correlation to it causing pimples?

Actually, cantaloupe is recommended as a fruit TO EAT when combating pimples. However, on a different note, anything in large quantities can be bad.

What you're really trying to combat when you decide to take a diet approach to fighting your acne is abnormal blood sugar levels.

So, whenever you eat 2 whole cantaloupe in one sitting, while the fruit is excellent for fighting acne and highly recommended, even it can cause problems.

I eat a half a honeydew every once in a while, just because they're so good. I wouldn't worry much at all!

Believe it or not cantaloupe is one of the <highly recommended> foods for fighting acne. Have fun and don't let the juice run down your chin to much

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