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Re: I can't take this anymore

Originally Posted by misserika
Okay I have had this cold for way too long and it's getting worse and I can't sleep and now my whole left side of my head is congested and it hurts bad. I do nothing but blow my nose non stop and cough. Everytime I cough my nose plugs back up. I've been having to breathe out of my mouth while I sleep so I have dry cracked and chapped lips. My head is throbbing and I have 2 kids who aren't listening to me and I'm so sick I'm gonna die. What am I going to do???? Nothing is helping!

The only thing you can do really is rest as much as possible. I had the most horrendous flu twice in december and was sick through out christmas and flat out miserable. I was feeling so bad I would cry at the drop of the hat and I had every symptom in the book. If you head is hurting that bad, I would see your doc to make sure you're not developing a sinus infection as those can be quite annoying I hear. Other than that just rest yourself up as much as you can and with in no time you'll be well. Get tons of sleep...thats what helped me.