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Re: cantaloupes, can it cause pimples (been eating this a lot)

Originally Posted by lazloe
Actually, cantaloupe is recommended as a fruit TO EAT when combating pimples. However, on a different note, anything in large quantities can be bad.

What you're really trying to combat when you decide to take a diet approach to fighting your acne is abnormal blood sugar levels.

So, whenever you eat 2 whole cantaloupe in one sitting, while the fruit is excellent for fighting acne and highly recommended, even it can cause problems.

I eat a half a honeydew every once in a while, just because they're so good. I wouldn't worry much at all!

Believe it or not cantaloupe is one of the <highly recommended> foods for fighting acne. Have fun and don't let the juice run down your chin to much
I agree with Lazloe, while Cantalopes do have acne-fighting properties (or rather they contain Vitamin A which is excellent for the skin) they do come pretty high up on the Fruit's glycemic index meaning that eating too many will undoubtably raise your blood sugar levels thus possibly causing pimples.

Have a look at Glycemic index below for fruits to get an idea on which fruits your body can sustain over-eating.

apple 38
apricots 57
apple juice 40
blueberry 59
banana 56
cantalope 65
cherries 22
grapefruit juice 48
dates 103
orange juice 46
grapefruit 25
pineapple juice 46
grapes 46
kiwi 52
mango 55
orange 43
papaya 58
peach 42
pear 58
pineapple 66
plums 39
prunes 15
raisins 64
watermelon 72

This is slightly off-topic but still related to food. If you really want healthy looking skin then drink Carrot juice (not concentrate, just pure carrot juice) at least 3 times a week. This stuff is so effective in making your skin look good. It doesn't taste too good though so add some apple juice too it and it actually goes down pretty well.