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Re: I can't take this anymore

I had the flu turn into a chronic sinus problem AND asthma this year. Needless to say, I've been miserable since early November.

Here are my recommendations...

1. If your nasal discharge is yellow, it indicates a bacterial infection. Go to your GP and demand antibiotics. Mine didn't put me on them until one day I ended up in the emergency room. Don't wait that long. Amoxicillan is not as effective as Levaquin, especially against sinus infections.

2. Start doing nasal irrigations. You can either do this yourself by using an empty spray bottle (see beerzoids posts on this), or do what I did, and get a nasal irrigation machine. I use one called the Grossan Hydro-Pulse. I mix warm water with sea salt, alkalol, nettle leaf, and sometimes 3ml or less of hydrogen peroxide. I fill up the resevoir and blast away. It helps keep the sinuses clear of bacteria and fungus, and it also helps the nose function better.

3. Put TWO humidifiers in your room at night. It sounds silly, but any dryness is going to aggravate your condition even more.

The main thing here, is to make sure this does not turn into a chronic sinus problem (like mine did). Bacteria can lodge in your sinuses for months, causing all kinds of misery.