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Re: 3000mg of glucosamine

Originally Posted by Bruce
Supplements are not regulated by the FDA and their is no proof the pills contain what they claim/

You are doing a dangerous thing, self doctoring. You have no idea what doubling the dose can do to you, and recommending this for others opens you up for a lawsuite

lawsuit? I have not told anyone to change the amount of glucosamine they take! I'm simply telling you what I take. Ask a lawyer how good of case you would have attempting to sue a person in a internet chatroom for talking about glucosamine! He or she would laugh.

Just so you know, Glucosamine is produced in small amounts by the body.

I have read nothing about glucosamine being toxic to any organ. Unfortunately, the same cant be said for NSAID's. i have only been here 2 days and I have already seen that some people are telling others to try other drugs...isnt that playing doctor too?.

One of the reasons Im taking this dose is because I have read that many long distance runners use 3000mg. These runners are working with doctors by the way.

I havent started popping some unheard of dosage that hasnt been attempted or considered yet. I weigh 220lbs. A woman who weighs 110lbs may take 1500mg. I weigh twice as much as her and may do better taking twice the amount.