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Re: *tear*..I have really really bad acne, what worked for you?

I feel your pain girl !! I will be 36 next month and I have had acne since I was 14. It sucks!!!! I have been on minocycline (100mg. 2x per day) for a very long time. I also use the differin gel and I wash with a prescription 10% benzol peroxide face wash. I no longer have the acne I had in my teens but I get one or two big cysts that take weeks to go away.. ugh!! The things I take now seem to be keeping them away. I noticed the biggest difference though when i changed my diet back in October. Since then I've been on the south beach diet. It's very healthy and I've eliminated almost all sugar and starches from my diet. Since then I have not had one pimple or cyst. I am not sure if this is just coincidence or if diet really does affect your skin. I am also drinking alot of water now where before I drank alot of coke. I'm sure the water helps alot too. Good luck!!! I hope you find something that works for you. People who don't have this problem just don't know how horrible it is to live with! Of course, none of my sisters have this problem.. just me!! gggrrr!!!!