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My dh and I are very happy. I have only been with one other person and before I met my husband, I was single/abstinent for 3 years. But my husband was a virgin and HSV2 appeared on both of us during our 2nd year together. Both of us have always been faithful to each other but we somehow (have no idea how) contracted H the second year. I blame myself since I've been with someone before him; but then again, how could an incubation period last like 4 years?? Odd. Well my point is, we still don't know exactly how H happened to us but we both agreed that we love each other toooo much to be pointing instead of investigating how we got it, we just leave it at that - we just don't know...

My husband has outbreaks every 4 months or so. I used to have obs like twice a month so my doctor put me on suppresive therapy and it works. After living with H for about 6 months, I developed Vulvar Vestibulitis, which completely prevents intercourse all together, and no cure. Now I wish I only had H, because VV is definetly the biggest challenge I have to face. If there was a cure for either herpes or VV, I'd pick VV! My biggest point here is that H is a very, very, very small, tiny, tiny disruption in sex! For most people, it disrupts sex for only a few weeks (thank god for flavored condoms ). To many people two weeks sound like a long time but try 2 years of no sex....yes, my husband and I haven't had sex for that long but it is not the end of the world. Even though I got two incurable medical conditions, I'm still soooo's not a death could've been worse! I count my blessings everyday. If anything, having both H and vv gives us the chance to be even more creative in bed because we can't have intercourse. We are very happily married (happier than most of our married friends who have sex regularly) and we have a great marraige.