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I too was on BC... but i was on ortho cyclen. it did miracles for my skin and confidence! but i do have to say that BC definatly is NOT for every1. I unfortunately didn't kno that i had a blood condition that makes me more prone to clots then other ppl.. so within 3 months of treatment... i developed a blood clot! It wasn't a small one either.. It was from my hip to my knee. So i encourage ppl to get blood work done first. But, BC can also be bad for one other thing. If you do decide u want to have children later on in life... there is a chance you wont be able to. My cousin Roni was on BC for 2 years... she hasn't had a period since she stopped it in 2001. They said that she will not be able to have a baby. The BC did something to her that i can't remember right now, but she was very upset! I know i would be too. Most people do not have any probs with BC, but BE CAREFUL WITH IT! i wish you and ne1 else on BC the best of luck and nothing but hope that it continues working good for you!