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Re: I.V. Sedation while on Toprol? Scared!!

Hiya Letsconnect,

Well, as far as I know .. the extraction is fairly straight forward. My teeth aren't impacted .. that is to say they're both right there .. like all my teeth, completely through the gums.

I can't use local anaesthetic, because of my heart ... can't take the eprinephrine, cause it causes heart palpitations in me. Soooo .. I'm stuck with the I.V. sedation. I've considered not going completely under ... that way if there's a problem, they can bring me up faster. Not sure .. but will discuss that with them. And yeah ... I need to make positively sure that there's no infection first .. before they extract. I just have this weird feeling that they don't care, they just want to get me in there and get me out.

Will be talking to nurse this morning ...