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Flu? Cold?

This has been a long week... On Friday, I noticed that I had a sore throat and was feeling exhausted... Before that, last wed/thurs, I was very headachey and completely wiped out... so tired... (I'm a college student taking 18 credits, so that could be it). However, Sat morning when I woke up, I went to take a shower and nearly passed out... I fell over into the wall many times... Everything was black and I felt like I was spinning and I was sweating and couldn't breathe... It was terrifying. So, I went home to recooperate and I'm back and still very very tired... Still have a sore throat... my head feels weird... my ears and everything... Is this just a flu? How long is normal to have a sore throat? Also, two nights ago, I was in bed for over 2 hours before I could fall asleep because my heart was beating so quickly/hard... it was pounding rapidly... I couldn't get it to slow down... I was wondering if maybe I've had an allergic reaction of some sort to the medicine I've been taking? I'm so confused... Any info would be great.

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