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Question strange situation help! am i a victom?

ok wel i'm 18 and i was over my friends house. he was having a party and there were about 20 people there and i was drunk and i went into my friends brothers room to go too sleep because i felt tierd. i was drinking for like 4 hours and once i hit the bed i was out. (my friend had house to him self family away) well the next thing i know i hear my friend yell "holy ****" so i woke up and found my pants off and shirt off and boxers off, and i find that i was hard and the strange part was one of the guys at the party was giving me oral sex! it was a guy! and once i realized what was happening i told the guy who was giving me head that he needs to stop and get away from me. my friend (who was having party) was calling me a *** and other names. but then i explained to him how drunk i was and i passed out and i woke up when he came in the room and yelled. so i got dressed and i felt taken advantage off and very violated. so the next morning i got the guy who gave heads number and from someone at the party and called him and asked him what he thaught he was doing. he said that "he thought i was cute and wanted to suck me" then he also said i blew my load in his mouth and he started to suck me agian after that. i was shocked and disgusted and i hung up the phone. i dont know what to do should i get the police invalved or just forget about it, i'm str8 but why did i get hard if it was a guy? would'nt i wake up if i was having a orgasum? was i a victim? help!

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