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Re: Flu? Cold?

Hi Dagmar,

Thanks for responding. I was taking Comtrex Max Strength. I took a night time one the previous night (before the shower thing) and it contains acetaminophen, chlorpheniramine, pseudoephedrine, and antihistamine. The day-time ones contain the same ingredients, except for the antihistamine. I don't know if those can be blamed for my racing heart? The night that my heart felt the strangest was when I took a day-time dose of the medicine and went to bed 6 hours later... I thought 6 hours would be enough time for it to get out of my system? I don't know. It's frustrating. I stopped taking the Comtrex, tho, b/c my cheeks tingled a lot...?

Being sick is annoying... I guess it could just be the flu? I'm still very tired w/ a sore throat, headache, plugged ears... I just feel groggy, and "weird"...

No, I haven't been to the dr, yet. I'm kind of avoiding a trip to the dr since I was there 3 times already 2 months ago when I had pneumonia... :-\ Ugh. College makes me sick... lol

Thanks for responding!