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Re: strange situation help! am i a victom?

First yes you were a victim and I would strongly urge you to press charges against this guy. He needs to know that what he did was illegal since you were not unable to give consent to the act. Just like it is rape when a girl is drunk and a guy has sex with her after she has passed out what happened to you is sexual assault.
Also think on this you get erections during the night randomly without normal stimuli. Even drunk you can get erections randomly. You have to consider your mind wasnt aware of who the mouth belong that was preforming oral on you hence you can get erect even if you have never had an interest in guys.
You dont wake up when you have wet dreams...most guys dont and realize they ejaculated during the night only when they wake up in the morning to either a wet spot or crusty spot in their underwear or on their sheets. So you can have an orgasm and ejaculate without waking up.

You have nothing to be ashamed on what happened. If you decide not to press charges please at least talk to a counselor or such about this so you dont keep this bottled in.
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