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hi I was reading your post...I also suffer from migranes about two months ago they took a MRI of my head...The doctor told me that everyone has something in the back of their brain that is supposed to be in the middle of your head and mine is going to the right side of my head....They also told me I have a sist under my right eye she said its nothing to be worried she sent me to a neurologist...When I got there he said nothing about the situation he just gave me some pills to start...I need to take them everynight they are called amitripytline I don't know if you ever tryed those..They take about two weeks to start working they do work pretty good I used to get these really bad migranes that lasted so long I was crying with the pain...I would have headaches everyday...This month I only counted 4 headaches and they were not that bad....He also gave me another kind of medication for when I do get a migrane he gave me Almotriptan they work really good to....maybe you can ask your doctor about these medications if you havent already tryed them.