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Re: migranes

There are a few things that you said that make me think you may suffer from cluster headaches. One of them is that alot of the pain is behind your eye. Many people who suffer from clusters are often misdiagnosed as having sinus trouble. Most people who suffer from cluster headaches are eposodic meaning they will get 1 to 8 headaches a day every day for several weeks up to 2-6 months. Then they will just quit only to return at the same time next year. Some eposodics suffer from 2 or 3 shorter cycles during the year. But they occur at the same times every year. The headaches occur at the same time every day. They last from 15 min. to 4 hours. It will feel like one big headache but what it is Is a low level ha that quickly becomes a 10 then after 15 min. to 4 hours latter it will die down to a 2 or 3. It feels like it never really leaves but you can tell you are suffering from different ha by the peaks and valleys. Alcohol will set off about 90% of those who suffer from ch into an immediate attack. Most people suffer from the ha at night but not all. You may want to do a google search for cluster headaches. There is an online support group that has a quiz you can take to see if this is what you suffer from and also a ton of info on medicines to try and ways to relieve the pain and suffering. Good luck and I hope it isn't clusters.