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Re: smelly feet lol

Originally Posted by shawn20k
This is dumb but my feet always stink it sucks, what helps this out? I spray my shoes with shoe freshner stuff and they stink an hour later. Any help is appreciated lol thanks
My son's friend had a horrible problem with smelly feet. He used to spend the night (almost every night) at our home during the summer. I spoke to my foot dr about it and she suggested something that was easy to do and cheap! I would bet my last dollar that it will work for you too.
Deodorant ! I am not trying to be funny either. Buy any brand of aresol deodorant and spray it on your feet after your shower or anytime of the day. My podiotrist said that all the aresol (spray on, not roll on) deodorants have aluminum in them and thats what quells (stops) the smell.
So get on out there and quell the smell! You are going to be amazed !
P.S. Maybe get yourself some new shoes to celebrate. Plus, the old ones are prob stinky.
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