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Re: Essential Oils for Acne? Tea Tree Oil is just one of the many...

Originally Posted by jhart999
I personally like the smell of Tea Tree oil and found that a cleanser with Tea Tree oil stopped me breaking out for a while. But then my skin got used to it and the acne soon came back. But maybe that's because I have quite severe acne. If yours isn't so severe then it might help in the longer term. It does have a drying effect and can sting wounds so be careful how much you use
Jhart i don't mean to be nasty here, but i understand you are on a diet similar ot prometheus's?, and you seem so knowledgable about acne, id of expected you to be 100% clear of acne, has your skin improved as of lately? im interested on your progress .
Prometheus is really cool, so is sweetjade, they all know theyre stuff and have given me ever growing confidence with acne.