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Lightbulb Re: New to Post-Polio

Originally Posted by dollie1
Is there anyone else on this board who has recently been diagnosed with PPS or think they may have it and are having trouble getting their doctors to take them seriously????
Am also new to this board. Have been having many unexplainable aches and pains over the last few years. had Polio at age 7 1/2 and was paralized from the waist down for over a month. remained at home the whole time. about age 58 i noticed quite all of a sudden that I felt like I was getting "old". Couldn't do a lot of the routine things that I had always taken for granted. Mostly i hurt alot. Mostly back and leg muscles at first. now at almost 65, seems like I HURT CONSTANTLY with very little let off. Have good days now and then, and then there are those others. from perusing the postings on this website, i feel that I have finally got an answer to some of this. Like most of the others, original doctors are dead and records destroyed. Sorry can't be of any help, but very few doctors now have ever seen a case of polio, and certainly have no clue or sympathy as to what's going on. Cody Cowboy