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Re: UPDATE: hormones, story


I'm sorry, but the only option she gave you was BC because you are thin???? Sigh...where do these doctors come from?

I'm thin, I'm 5'5 and 105lbs to be exact. I don't fit much of the profile for PCOS, yet for nearly 6 years, I've tried:

BC, (6 months)
BC-Spiro, (3 years)
Metaformin, (1 month)
Metaformin-Spiro, (2 months)
Avandia-Spiro, (1 year)
GlutenFree/LowGrain Diet - Spiro (18 months)

and now just on my Customized Gluten Free Diet (testing the effects of no Spiro). So for medication or test suggestions check out these threads

What is PCOS?

PCOS and Acne

HTH some =)

P.S. When you get your tests back, ask for a copy.

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