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Smile Bodybuilding and Sex Appeal

I saw a comedian the other night with a bunch of friends and he was making joke after joke about why guys lift and sexual inadaquacy!

What do you guys think??.....

The comedian started saying that "muscles don't help! They hinder! Going to the gym to bulk up is just one way some men try to mask the fact that they have small penises. Society would like to believe that men go the gym to impress women, or stay healthy. But in reality, men go to the gym to enlarge their bodies because they can't enlarge their penis! Nothing is more upsetting than watching a Muscle Man competition and seeing some huge, ripped, vascular, tanned Adonis with nothing in his pants! You can bulk up all you want, but don't lie to your self. The bigger the vase, the smaller the flower looks. What's a super sized extra value meal with a small fry?"

I am not gonna lie, I mean we were all laughing uncontrollably, and the girls we were with were actually agreeing with this guy!! Thats when I started thinking that maybe there is some psychology behind weights and penis size and body building...just like the age old joke about Corvetts...nice car sorry about you're penis!

Any comments......

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