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Originally posted by Dawnrise:
When you say knee fusion I'm assuming that means that your knee will no longer be able to bend. Am I correct?
I have psoriatic arthritis and I have a lot of joints that are involved (feet, knees, fingers, wrists, & elbows). My right wrist is so bad it fused on its own and I can longer bend it (my left is almost as bad). My knees are so bad that I cannot straighten them out.
What kind of arthritis do you have and how bad is it? How old are you if you don't mind me asking? I'm not a doctor so I cannot tell you if knee fusion is your best choice but I think I'd get a second opinion.

Yes, they recommended a surgical fusion of the right knee. I just turned 19 and was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis but also suffer from some psoriatic arthritis, it was first thought to be only JRA until the skin became involved. Actually bot knees are bad but especially the right one. I have seen more than one doctor who says it may be the best to have now a fusion done on the right knee and to consider a knee replacement on the left knee later in life so this option will stay available in the future for the left knee and due to my a age doing a knee replacement on the right was said to be risky. To me this sounds like a reasonable plan. After a knee fusion the right knee would stop causing any trouble and the left could be treated with a replacement later.