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Re: Bodybuilding and Sex Appeal

Originally Posted by jagdm27
The bigger the vase, the smaller the flower looks. What's a super sized extra value meal with a small fry?"[/I]
I have to admit, this is funny!
Oh man.......this guy sounded unmerciful! I lift weights; nothing compared to the guys who eat like pigeons and you can count every muscle fiber and vein in their bodies!!......insecurities .....maybe!...penis correlation????

I don't have time for that!...way to much work to maintain that type of physique, and steroids would never be an option! where does that leave me?

Average I suppose!...yes I lift, yes I'm average and I never really gave the two things any thought or correlation until this post!

I did hear about the car thing though!...One time when I tested a Mustang Convertable Cobra, a women actually made a comment at a red light...something like "nice wheels, but you probably have nothing down below"

I just smiled! (and flipped her the bird)